Friday, January 1, 2016

Traveling to Andes in Summer Time (2)

After slightly  disappointing experience in  Farellones and  El Colorado ( those place are  closed to each other  around  5 km), the guide  brought  us to  La Parva (2700M height).

La parva  is the center of rigs between El Colorado  and Valley Nevado, known as Valley of 3 resorts.

Here we were taking the ski lift  to the  top of  rigs, which is 3000-3500 m above.  Eventhough it was summer time, the place was quite busy with people  going with cycle or trekking to the top of La Parva.

Wow, people do exist !! Hahaha.

You had no idea how relieve to see such scene after "loneliness" back then in Farellones and El Colorado -_-.

Here was ... some breathtaking views  on the ski lift when we were on the way to the top of  la parva.

At the end of the ski lift, people are continuing either with bicycle or simply trekking on foot.

 The view  from  sky lift stop  toward the base  ...  quite amazed to see that the sky color were divided  into smog and blue. Never see such thing before.

The trip were continued on foot. Some physical challenge began. The track was quite hard for a beginner. Once  we reached The Laguna, we were officially  3500 m above the sea level. It was really worth the effort.

The Laguna  Piquenes from a far view ...

There were lots of moss like this grows in the top of la parva.  It's said that it can be used for fire.

From the laguna we could spot the views toward  many other  rigs. Some of them were in different colours.

In picture below, small erected stone, used  as a sign for trekker.

Laguna  Piuqueness, 3500 metre height. From here, if you are physically ready for treking, you can go up to  4500 M. The place was quite busy with trekker that day.

From there, the guide brought us to one more challenge ... going to the top! 

From that top we should see the eternal snow top (5000M)  where only allowed for tourists with training and professional guide  trekker.

The guide, of course, reached the top before us :D.

The Laguna, as it's seen when we reached the top of Mirador  

I and my fellas were taking a picture after finally reaching the summit of  La Parva :). One of our friend decided not to climb up due to the track looks quite challenging. The man with green shirt + red hat is our guide.

Being in the Summit of La Parva is the end of our second round of the tour.  From here  we  headed to Valley  Nevado, the last place of three-rounds tour.

Stay tune! :D

To be continued ... 


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